We know that the battery is a very important part on the bus, battery is responsible for the car started, and most automobile electrical equipment power supply, only the battery function is normal, cars can be normal use. However, many car owners often have some very bad battery behaviors in their daily use of the car, such as the following: Excessive external equipment. After the car is out of fire, the owner may directly connect a pile of electrical equipment in the car. The most common one is the mobile phone or the charging treasure, which is not recommended. Car after flameout, car generator stops working, storage battery in the absence of electricity supplement will soon run out of power, the electric capacity to reduce is likely to cause the vehicle cannot be started, and for excess discharge the battery itself has a lot of damage. Forget off lights The headlights are directly powered by a battery, and a prolonged period of light will surely speed up the consumption of electricity. If you forget to turn off the light and leave the car, the light will stay on until you find or the battery loses power. If it is in the headlight, such as low beam lights high beam of the block, you pull out the key after big will automatically shut down, but in the morning before the start to close in time, didn't find or open headlamps rush yourself. If the gear is in AUTO then you don't have to worry about it, the key will be turned off automatically.

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