With the continuous development of science and technology, the function of automobile is no longer just a single step. More and more functions begin to participate in the automobile, and the definition of cars is becoming more and more. Modern cars are becoming intelligent and versatile, and owning a car now has many different functions. But as car function more and more, there are a lot of plans secret function all forgotten, there are a lot of people drive to scrap all don't understand the car how many function keys, I introduce you to everyone on the same day the hidden function of four cars, know that more than two all is the old driver. The first one: airbag switch function on car. Many manufacturers are on the right side of the center console, or the glove box is equipped with the accessory driver airbag switch equipment, also can be according to the actual condition self-switch front passenger car airbag. When someone is sitting in the passenger seat, turn over the airbag, and no one is sitting on it!

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