SIPING DAZU ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.It is a high-tech private enterprise that was rebuilt after the transformation of the original siping instrument factory. It is a professional manufacturer of automobile glass elevator switch /BCM and automotive electronic products.

Enterprise accounts for total area of 10000 square meters, building area of more than 9000 square meters, existing staff 200 people, engineering technical personnel 52 people, experts, senior engineer 6 people, the most factory workers are the backbone of the original siping instrument and meter plant elite, over the years, the factory inherits the denso company, Germany VDO international famous companies such as advanced design technology and manufacturing technology, product has reached domestic advanced level of similar products, the company obtained several national patents. Factory production, testing and complete test equipment, capable of producing 500000 sets of automobile glass riser switch/BCM production capacity, the factory products has formed cars, buses, trucks, minivans and so on several big series more than hundred kinds of products, is now directly or indirectly for the faw, no.2, changan, jianghuai, isuzu, byd, tianjin xiali, jiangnan automobile manufacturing co., LTD and so on more than a dozen car manufacturers.

Siping Dazu

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SIPING DAZU ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.All staff are willing to cooperate with you to revitalize the industry and create resplendence with reliable quality, reasonable price and excellent service.


Total area of more than 10,000 square meters; Existing staff of more than 200 engineers and technicians 52; There are more than 200 employees in the factory production, testing and testing equipment.

Output value

Capable of producing 500,000 sets of auto glass lift switch /BCM annually; The factory product has formed the truck, the car, the passenger car, the mini car and so on several hundred kinds of products.

Instrument assembly shop

Sensor assembly workshop

SMT machine

Central controller inspection station

SMT machine

Combined instrument detection platform

Spray equipment

Injection molding machine equipment


No. 66, south of 102 national road, tiexi district, siping city, jilin province.